Starting over

This course acknowledges that change is a part of life, and with change come losses. We are continuously faced with separation, endings, loss of identity and other major changes. Work variations, retirement, illness and more serious upheavals such as separation and death are all accompanied by a degree of loss. This is not a therapy group, but will give space for participants to reflect on their own life's journey with change and loss, with the aid of some signposts for making positive adjustments in this process.

Couples with children from previous relationships may need strategies on communication, agreement on discipline, and handling competing demands. How about ensuring time just for each other? That matters too. This six week course will provide strategies to assist parents in a step family.

If it is managed well by the adults, separation doesn’t have to be harmful for children. Research shows that what children need after their parents separate is a secure base with parents they trust and feel comforted by.

Do you need to move on after a relationship ends? This comprehensive eight week course helps you explore your feelings and find positives to empower you. Topics include loss and grief, expressing anger without damage, self esteem and finding fresh horizons.

Just looking for love -why is it so challenging? Why are we reluctant to commit to someone even if they seem to "tick all the boxes"? What if we have never had a serious relationship? How do you hold onto to someone for the longer term? This eight week course aims to examine the tricky business of being at ease being single and seeking and keeping love.

Growing a stepfamily presents a whole array of challenges that are different to those found in a biological family. This workshop is based on research that highlights some of the more helpful ways of forming and living in this new family. This workshop is a taster for our longer stepfamily courses.

Step and blended families present a whole array of challenges that are different to those found in a biological family.

If you are a single parent and through that initial break-up stage this course will provide strategies that will help you develop a close and special relationship with your child.

Stepfamilies and blended families operate in a different way to intact biological families. This one day course course helps to address the needs of step families.

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