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Clark Wright
On 28 March our 4dads program will welcome guest speaker Clark Wright to talk about how Dads can connect with their kids, of any age. 'Dads; diners, drive-ins and dives' is a presentation that explore the importance of dads and father figures in children’s lives. It will create a conversation around how dads and father figures can connect... More
Neighbour Day
On Sunday 26 March 2017 communities across the country will come together to celebrate Neighbour Day, a community development program encouraging people to connect with those who live in their neighbourhood. This year, Neighbour Day’s annual theme is: The importance of social connection for the elderly... More
Connect For Mental Health
We have developed a free online mental health training tool to help the community better understand mental health, and recognise someone who may be at risk of mental health decline or contemplating suicide. It helps users understand how to reach out and talk to a person they may be worried about, how to respond to what they say, and also how to obtain further support if needed... More