Separation and Divorce: What Now?

Separation and Divorce: What Now?

Course Summary

This one-night workshop gives a quick introduction to understanding what is required to start the process of rebuilding yourself after a divorce or separation which takes much longer than one session. The crisis of separation of a primary love relationship means you often feel very alone.

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  • $30 per person
  • Concession fees available

One of the biggest discoveries with our one-night session is the opportunity to meet others going through a similar process. 

We touch on topics including:

  • Looking to the past to understand the future, and understanding the relationship breakdown process to work out ‘where to from here’ which may be different for everyone.
  • Emotional overwhelm – grieving after the crisis of divorce or relationship breakdown and difficult emotions.
  • Moving on and focusing on skills for healing.

Please be advised that we will be asking you to reflect on your relationship in the group or in pairs during the evening and if you do not yet feel ready to do this without feeling overwhelmed by distress, we recommend waiting to attend the next scheduled session.

This session is a stepping-stone to experiencing the benefits of attending the 8 week Rebuilding After Separation and Divorce course. 

“I look really forward to our next session on Thursday, although it is a challenging group for me in terms of my pain about the breakup. Many thanks again for this opportunity.”

– testimonial from participant of 8-week course.

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