Communicate Effectively

Communicate Effectively

Course Summary

Do you sometimes avoid tricky conversations due to fear of conflict? Or perhaps your communication seems to often end badly or leave you feeling committed to things you don’t want to do. Whatever your communication difficulties may be, this course is likely to be very helpful to you.

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Communication is a lot more than a set of words, more than giving and receiving information. Effective communicators know how to bring together the many aspects of communication so they can get a point across, listen to others, and can resolve issues.  They know how to connect well with others and be liked by others.  This course helps you to build these skills and in doing so, improve your personal or professional relationships.

This course aims to:

  • help build knowledge and attitudes to improve communication
  • identify empathy blocks and other hindrances that lead to problems in communication
  • break down listening skills into useful components to help you connect better
  • help you understand the role of body language in your own and other’s communication
  • how to manage your  emotions (including anger) and the emotions of others appropriately
  • differentiate between submission, aggression and assertion in communication
  • develop positive, practical ways to resolve problems without conflict but to also manage conflict and resolve it more effectively, should it occur

To assist people during these difficult times we have produced a tip-sheet taken from this course. Click here to download.

Although this course may be helpful, it is not a course specifically tailored to couples. We refer you to our other courses designed for couples such as Communication for Couples or Building Better Relationships for Couples.


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