Partners to Parents

Partners to Parents

Course Summary

Transitioning from Partners to Parents is a challenging time for most couples. This workshop explores your expectations, emotions and assumptions about becoming parents and offers you effective tools to navigate this transition.

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  • $45 per couple
  • Concession fees available

Expecting partners have different feelings and emotions around becoming parents, which often lead to challenges in the relationship. For many it is a time of mixed emotions. It’s not unusual to experience excitement, joy, apprehension and uncertainty around the responsibility of raising a child. This workshop will help you:

  • Understand how baby may impact your relationship
  • Manage your expectations and emotions during the transition
  • Learn healthy ways to resolve conflict in your relationship.

This transition will be different for each partner and may influence their ability to parent and their relationship with their child. Couples who focus their attention on what unites them and produces joy, are more likely to experience a healthy and close relationship as a new family.

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