Accidental Counsellor

Accidental Counsellor

Course Summary

Do you find people open up to you and ask for advice when they are going through distressing situations? This workshop will provide you with the knowledge and skills to support people, without feeling you have to advise, problem solve or take responsibility for others.

  • Fee
  • $120 per person
  • Concession fees available

Being the person someone leans on when life is challenging can lead to burnout. If you would like to learn strategies to assist you in these circumstances, then this course could be beneficial for you.

This workshop will assist you to gain knowledge and skills to help your co-worker, client, friend or family member, while also taking care of yourself.

You will learn:

  • what an ‘accidental’ counsellor is
  • the differences between supporting, helping and rescuing
  • the desirable traits and skills of an accidental counsellor
  • the significance of self-awareness, emotions, personal perception filters and empathy
  • the importance of self-care
  • how to actively listen.

With an experienced facilitator you will receive support and learn strategies needed to be a more effective and compassionate source of support while taking care of your own wellbeing.

This course will help improve your life by allowing you to:

  • enhance your problem-solving skills
  • boost your confidence and empathy
  • improve your ability to communicate clearly and set boundaries
  • reduce your worry and stress

What can you expect?

Join like-minded people in a respectful learning environment, where you will be encouraged to reflect on and speak about your experiences.

You will have an opportunity to hear from others and ask questions in safe, open, and non-judgemental group workshop.

To find out more on our What to Expect page.

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“The practical/theoretical balance was great and teaching style was very engaging. Better awareness of the journey to step people through when being a helper and specific ways of framing and communicating.” - Beth*

“Understanding empathy vs sympathy, difference between a rescuer vs helper and a friend vs counsellor. Liked the ‘detachment’ being able to leave the workplace and not bring matters home with you = self care.” - Nick*

“I am going to try and listen more, set boundaries and not try and solve everyone’s problems!” - Adi*

*Names have been changed.

Download our free Accidental Counsellor Tip Sheet Here

Half Day Accidental Counsellor in Bunbury and Mandurah - Cost $60 per person, $30 concession.

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