Managing Anger and Stress For Women

Managing Anger and Stress For Women

Managing Anger and Stress For Women

Course Summary

Are you feeling stressed, tired and angry? Do you take these feelings out on the people you love? Or do you bottle up these emotions and end up feeling overwhelmed and ready to explode? Anger is a challenging emotion for many and most of us have not been taught the skills to manage it.

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This course helps us to acknowledge and reduce our anger levels before we speak or act. The power we derive from communicating our feelings more appropriately, whether it's with our children, partners or in other situations, enables us to improve our lives.

Learning in this eight week course includes:

  • the relationship between stress and anger
  • the three¬†components of anger
  • looking at the myths around anger
  • how to identify and manage your Early Warning Signs
  • Mindfulness skills to assist in the management of self
  • the relationships between feeling, needs and wants
  • strategies for dealing with the after effects of intense anger
  • developing a script for expressing anger and asserting your needs
  • responding to another person's anger or stress

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