Healthy Conflict

Healthy Conflict

Course Summary

Do you struggle to have constructive conflict without damaging the relationships in your life – whether they be with family, friends, or colleagues? This workshop aims to enhance the quality of your relationships, through learning effective conflict resolution strategies.

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Conflict is a normal part of life, but if not managed properly, it can strain your personal and professional relationships, and cause emotional stress.

This workshop will help you develop essential skills to manage and resolve problems in a way that improves your relationships rather than harming them.

You will learn how to:

  • define conflict and understand the importance of healthy conflict resolution
  • explore common strategies for handling conflict such as avoiding sarcasm and rudeness and maintaining focus on the issue at hand
  • practice active listening skills
  • communicate more respectfully.

With an experienced facilitator you will receive support to learn the strategies to start seeing positive changes in your relationships.

This course will help improve your life by enabling you to:

  • navigate conflict in a way that enhances mutual understanding
  • strengthens your relationships
  • gain confidence in addressing disagreements
  • have greater overall satisfaction in your personal and professional interactions.

Who is this workshop for?

This workshop is for individuals who are seeking support to handle conflict that may be causing problems in their lives and relationships. While this course offers valuable insights into conflict resolution, it is not specifically tailored for couples.

Individuals seeking resources specifically designed for couples are encouraged to explore related courses such as Communication for Couples or Building Better Relationships for Couples.

What can you expect?

Join like-minded people in a respectful learning environment, where you will be encouraged to reflect on and speak about your experiences.

You will have an opportunity to hear from others and ask questions in safe, open, and non-judgemental group workshop.

To find out more on our What to Expect page.

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“I feel this course helped to build my understanding of conflict so I can be better equipped to deal with situations in my daily life.” Jade*

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