Communication for Couples

Communication for Couples

Course Summary

When couples encounter difficulty in their relationships they often cite communication issues as the main challenge.  Research has shown that sometimes even with the best of intentions, just talking about your relationship doesn’t bring you together and can even drive you apart.

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  • $160 per couple
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A good relationship is not so much about better communication; it’s about connection.  This course is for couples who want to understand how communication can help a relationship or get in the way.  It also explores ways of building and maintaining connection that contribute to relationship satisfaction.

  • The influence of our family of origin on our patterns of connection
  • How to work with physiological “auto-pilot” reactions and deal with the sensitivity that gets in the way of connecting with our partner
  • The impact of perceptions on relationships
  • Using empathy and validation
  • Handling emotions
  • Managing, accepting and appreciating differences
  • Using and relating to conflict in the best interest of the relationship
  • The importance of touch to connection

This weekend course is ideal for those in a FIFO relationship or who live in the country.


Some testimonials from past participants: 

"The tools presented in the course are the ones I've been looking for, that are easy to understand and easily utilised in every day life"

"Every aspect of the course has been beneficial. I particularly benefited from the exercises we did together.  I feel the facilitator cared about us"

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