Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence

Course Summary

Do you find it challenging to manage your emotions or struggle with making decisions? This workshop will provide you with the knowledge and skills to enhance your emotional intelligence and self-awareness.

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  • $120 per person
  • Concession fees available

If you would like to increase your emotional awareness, then this course could benefit you.

This workshop will help you better understand your emotions, which together with your thinking skills, you can positively influence your life.

You will learn:

  • the role emotions play in your life and what can impact them.
  • how to identify, accept and manage your emotions.
  • skills to help reduce your emotional stress.
  • strategies for expressing your emotions in a more balanced way.

This course references the book Emotional Intelligence: why it can matter more than IQ, by Daniel Goleman

With an experienced facilitator you will receive support to learn the strategies to start improving your emotional intelligence.

This course will help improve your life by allowing you to:

  • be able to make decisions more easily.
  • reduce the impact of emotions like frustration, anxiousness, sadness, and stress.
  • expand your capacity to empathise with others.
  • increase your sense of personal empowerment.
  • develop the ability to self-soothe to assist with emotional regulation.
  • strengthen your connections and relationships.

What can you expect?

Join like-minded people in a respectful learning environment, where you will be encouraged to reflect on and speak about your experiences.

You will have an opportunity to hear from others and ask questions in safe, open, and non-judgemental group workshop.

To find out more on our What to Expect page.

Who is this workshop for?

This workshop is for individuals who are seeking support to increase their emotional awareness, develop strategies for managing emotions, and improve their relationships in all areas of their lives.

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“What was most helpful was hearing about emotions and feeling they are okay and also pairing up and discussing.” - Lara*

“Most helpful was how to improve the ability to communicate with others. The facilitator was very friendly and included everyone in the discussions.” - Beth*

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