Parenting Adolescents

Parenting Adolescents

Course Summary

The move from the child to the adult has historically been a tricky journey for both the parent and the adolescent. Adolescence is the time of life when young people begin to move away from being children but are not yet adults. It is a time of significant change and transition on many levels. The adolescent is going through a stage of necessary adaptation as they prepare to leave the safety of home and move out into the complicated world.

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Parenting Adolescents offers parents/carers the opportunity to reflect on their parenting journey and to build a mindful, attuned, nurturing relationship with their adolescent.

By attending Parenting Adolescents, you will be encouraged to:

•      learn more about the origins of your own parenting style and how it can be more effective,

•      identify the important messages you want to convey to your adolescents and how to achieve this,

•      learn more about brain development during the adolescent period and its influence on their thoughts, feelings, and behaviour,

•    explore the meaning and context behind your adolescent’s behaviour and how to respond to the underlying feelings and needs,

•      explore new ways of communicating with your adolescent, and

•      learn ways to take care of yourself and to find support when you need it.

Parenting Adolescents is built on the foundational Bringing Up Great Kids program which was developed by the Australian Childhood Foundation.

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