Self Worth - Free to Be Me

Self Worth - Free to Be Me
Self Worth - Free to Be Me

Course Summary

A positive sense of self worth is vital for good health and happiness. This course gives participants a better understanding of themselves and others, while providing skills and strategies to enhance self esteem.

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  • $130 per person
  • Concession fees available

Explored over the eight sessions of the course are topics such as:

  • definitions of self worth and links between fear and self worth
  • cycle and wheels of fear; their impacts and need to reframe language 
  • how people see things differently 
  • emotions and how to say ‘No’ 
  • developing an assertive belief system and the declaration of freedoms and individual rights 
  • listener and speaker skills 
  • games people play and the Stroke Quotient Theory – how to ensure we survive criticism and/or adverse interaction 
  • using anger in a way that it empowers rather than destroys, and dealing with other people’s anger.  

The course gives ample opportunity to practise new skills, take reasonable risks and set goals within a safe and trusting environment.

Due to the current COVID19 restrictions we have currently suspended our face-to-face courses and workshops while we develop other ways to deliver our service.

In the meantime we have put together some tips and advice taken from the 'Self Worth-Free to Be Me' course content to help offer support at this time. As a free resource, we encourage you to share this with your community.

Download 'Managing your self-worth during COVID-19' tip sheet here

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