Partners to Parents

Partners to Parents
Partners to Parents

Course Summary

This session helps couples successfully move from being a couple to being parents. In an engaging way you will learn the skills and secrets of healthy relationships. Providing a secure, loving partnership that can withstand the challenges of life is arguably the best gift you can give your baby.

  • Fee
  • $45 per couple
  • Concession fees available

There are many joys and delights in becoming new parents and also many challenges.  Managing the transition well and preparing your relationship for the change will help you build your strengths as a couple and help you manage all that lies ahead of you. 

Every couple wants a happy and harmonious family life and it takes couple-relationship skills to make these dreams a reality. Come and enjoy the company of other new parents-to-be and gain new skills for that exciting day (and beyond) when you become not just a couple but a brand new family!

You will explore:

  • the impact having a baby can have upon couple relationships

  • whose job the baby is

  • challenging patterns of couple interaction and what builds a healthy relationship

  • the importance of self-care and relationship care

Due to the current COVID19 restrictions we have currently suspended our face-to-face courses and workshops while we develop other ways to deliver our service.

In the meantime we have put together some tips and advice taken from the 'Partners to Parents' course content to help offer support at this time. As a free resource, we encourage you to share this with your community.

Download the 'Partners to Parents' tip sheet here

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