Connect and Respond

Connect and Respond

This post COVID era has seen an increase in anxiety and stress across WA.

Feedback from HR and Managers has been that staff are more stressed, quicker to anger and experiencing higher levels of anxiety than usual.

To support our clients, Relationships Australia WA has developed a one-day workshop directly aimed at giving organisations some practical tools to better support the mental health of their staff.

Course Aims:

Connect and Respond workshops focus on the practical “how to” skills and incorporate three elements:

1) Identify 2) Respond 3) Refer. These are designed to assist someone who may be at risk of mental health decline. It is reassuring for employees, including managers, to know how to respond in a safe way, to assist people without feeling they have to advise, have all the answers or solve the person’s problem.
This is an interactive workshop where participants show exceptional interest and engagement with the learning.

Course focus is on:

  • Current mental health trends in Australia
  • Identifying common signs of decline in mental wellness
  • Exploring self-awareness, empathy and detachment as attributes for helping others
  • How to respond to someone effectively and safely when offering support
  • Knowing your limits and when to refer someone for professional support
  • How to self care in the process


Numbers: 12 – 18 participants
Duration: 6 hours total delivery time. Start and finish times can be negotiated to fit the organisational need.
Important: this is interactive small group learning with an emphasis put on active, experiential skills practice.


Fiona Bennett
Fiona is a counsellor and manager at the West Leederville branch of RAWA. Fiona works with people in all life stages, supporting individuals and couples seeking greater understanding of themselves and their relationships. Fiona holds a Bachelor degree in Psychology and Masters in Counselling, and has previously worked overseas as an analyst and manager in commercial business.

Sue Aspin
Sue is an experienced group facilitator and psychologist with a down to earth style. Sue has worked extensively in the area of relationship education (personal and professional) and has a strong corporate and management background. Sue has a keen interest in mental health and has also provided services to adults and youth within the medical environment.


For one full day session:

Cost: $2,500 + GST

EAP clients discounted rate: $2,000 + GST

* Additional travel cost may be charged if a presenter is not available in your area. This will be discussed during bookings.

For more information and booking details, please contact:
Telephone (08) 6164 0170

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