Relationship Resolutions

18 Jan 2023
Top 5 relationship resolutions

It's a new year and a chance for a 'reset and renew'. While you can work on your relationships at any time, the new year is a great opportunity to tackle any challenges you may be facing.

Here are our top 5 relationship resolutions to help you 'reset and renew' your significant relationships for the new year.

1. Have a positive perspective

Don’t let negativity swamp your relationship. Try to isolate the difficulty by focusing on it at specific times only. Otherwise, focus on the ways in which your relationship is strong and how you are working well together to handle the challenge.

2. Make and accept ‘repairs’

Everyone makes mistakes and has bad days, but mishandling these can damage a relationship. It is important to recognise your errors and difficulties and reach out to make amends. Be prepared to accept repair attempts or meet them halfway, and move on.

3. Create shared moments

The quality of a relationship is determined by the quality of the time that is spent together. These could include exploring healthy lifestyles, improving your relationship skills, reviewing your values together or a special dinner.

4. Take time to listen

The goal here is to be interested in what your friend of partner has to say. When your they are speaking, give them your undivided attention. Show them that you are paying attention by making eye contact and confirming what you have heard.

5. Manage your emotions

Sometimes, your emotions may feel very raw and the slightest thing can send your conversations spiralling out of control. When you begin to feel overwhelmed, call a halt to the conversation and take time to soothe yourself. Once you are calmer proceed with the conversation.

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