COVID-19 Update

28 Jan 2022
COVID-19 Update

In accordance with the latest WA Government announcements, masks are now mandatory when you visit us in the Perth. Peel, South-West, Wheatbelt and Great Southern regions, until further notice.

Our locations outside of these regions will continue normal operating procedures, but masks will be required for anyone who has been in the Perth and Peel regions from January 6, South-West region from January 12 and Wheatbelt & Great Southern regions since January 20.

For more information on the latest announcements, please visit the WA Government website here.

Please remember to:

✔️Wear a face mask where required. 😷 Masks are not necessary for children under 12.

✔️Practice physical distancing (keep at least 1.5 metres or two arms lengths from each other).

✔️Practice good personal hygiene (wash hands often with soap and water, or hand sanitiser and cover coughs and sneezes with a tissue or use your elbow).

✔️Stay home if unwell and if you are experiencing flu-like symptoms get tested for COVID-19.

For the most up-to-date WA Government health advice visit

We understand it’s a challenging time for West Australians right now, and many people may be feeling worried, upset or overwhelmed. It’s important to know these feelings are normal, but also to take steps to look after yourself and practice self-care. We are here to support you. 

Please call us on 1300 364 277 to let us know how we can support you and your family. 

Stay safe WA 💙

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