Dads and Sons

Dads and Sons

Course Summary

Boys benefit from a strong male figure in their lives and it is a father's greatest privilege to be the man that not only gets to enjoy 'tearing up the grass' with his sons but also to teach them how to become good men.

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Good relationships between dads and their boys are about dad being around and being involved. Boys whose dads are involved in their lives do better in lots of ways — academically, emotionally and socially. Well-fathered boys show the positive effects years later with an improved capacity for empathy and the health of their social relationships.

This workshop for Dads will discuss:

  • The importance of the role Dad’s play in the development and nurture of their sons
  • How Dads can help their sons develop a healthy identity and resilience
  • Preparing for adolescence and the challenges that boys face at this time
  • Ways Dads can bond with their son and create a meaningful father-son relationship.

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