Communication in Relationships

Communication in Relationships

Course Summary

Do you think that your communication skills have contributed to problems in your current or previous relationships? Maybe you want to improve your communication skills in readiness for your next relationship!

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In relationships, effective communication is one of the main avenues to connection  and feelings of friendship between partners.  When people are able to listen to one another, express their feelings and respectfully ask for their needs to be met, their ability to get along and maintain an intimate relationship is enhanced.

Join our facilitator in this 2.5 hour workshop, where you will look at:

•   Barriers – why communication can break down

•   Some communication principles to improve the effectiveness of communication within relationships

•   Strategies that can break through those barriers and increase feelings of relationship satisfaction

•   Aspects of verbal and non-verbal communication

This course is an excellent introduction to understanding basic communication skills in intimate relationships and is suitable for both couples and individuals to attend.

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