Parenting After Separation - Putting Children First

Parenting After Separation - Putting Children First

Course Summary

If it is managed well by their parents, separation doesn’t have to be harmful to children. What is crucial to how well children adapt is the parents’ capacity to see the situation from their child’s perspective, and focus on what would be in their child’s best interests following family separation.

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Putting Children First

Parenting After Separation – Putting Children First is a 5-week course that aims to support separated parents adapt and work through the challenges of separation with a particular focus on supporting and maintaining the well-being of their children.

Areas covered include:

  • Children’s reactions to parental separation and how to help them adjust
  • The distress of grief and loss and how it affects each family member differently
  • The impact unresolved parental conflict has on children and how to minimize conflict
  • How emotional triggers contribute to disputes and how to navigate disagreements
  • How to guide children’s transition through the various stages of separation
  • Ways to support the parent-child relationship and children’s wellbeing.

Parenting After Separation – Putting Children First is ideal for those struggling with separation and/or starting the process of separation. Participants can then go on to enrol in one of our parenting or personal development courses.


“I’ve learned to be more mindful of how I am around my ex and my children, being able to listen to their needs, have empathy, and speak in a more respectful and positive way. I’ve also learned to be more mindful of when our children are around both parents to be careful not to include them in negative ways. My experience of this course was very positive; I really enjoyed learning about the locus of control and gained a lot from it!”

“I learned the importance of communication and how to communicate effectively. This course should be mandatory for all parties to attend in a separation.”

“Very helpful. I believe everyone going through a separation should do this course.”

“Thank you for the insight and gentle nudges to look at myself and what I could do differently.”

“Real world knowledge - The best way to be taught."


Note – If you have any concerns or questions about this course, please call our office on 6164 0200.

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