News & events
The holiday season is now over, and many of us may be settling back into our weekly work routines. Relationship WA’s senior educator Sue Aspin said maintaining a healthy work-life balance is essential, no matter how much we love (or hate) our jobs and careers...
Together forever
Would you like to improve your relationship skills to future-proof your new relationship? With the aim of strengthening mutual understanding, communication and intimacy, Together Forever is a course that is an investment in your future happiness. This weekend course is for couples either already living together or planning to marry or live together permanently... More
Connect For Mental Health
We have developed a free online mental health training tool to help the community better understand mental health, and recognise someone who may be at risk of mental health decline or contemplating suicide. It helps users understand how to reach out and talk to a person they may be worried about, how to respond to what they say, and also how to obtain further support if needed... More
Family safety programs
Family violence continues to be one of our nation’s most pervasive social problems and can have long term implications for everyone involved, especially children. Our Family Abuse Integrated Response Program (FAIR) is an evidence-based family safety and domestic violence program... More