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Being a good confidant
When people are worried or upset about their marriage or relationship, they turn first to friends and family members. Research shows that there are millions of these 'natural confidants', people who trust others with their concerns. Marital and Relationship First Responder is a new course... More
Forced Adoption Support Service
The Royal Commission has launched a nationwide advertising campaign to announce registrations for private sessions will close on 30 September 2016. Private sessions allow survivors of child abuse...
Strong Stepfamilies
ECU student Emma Couzens is researching the experiences of biological parents who are living in a step-family as part of her Bachelor of Arts (Psychology) Honours. If you are the biological parent to a child between 5 years and 12 years of age, you have lived in your current step-family for longer than one year, and you’d like to share your story...
Domestic violence
The Federal government has launched a new $30 million ad campaign, designed to get parents, teachers and coaches to clamp down early on potentially dangerous and entrenched attitudes about violence towards women. We welcome an enhanced community awareness of domestic violence and have support services...

couple on beach
Murdoch University are running a survey on couples and relationship satisfaction to learn about how people in committed relationships interact. Interested? You can take part here... More