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National Sorry Day
Saturday 13th February marks the eighth anniversary of the National Apology to the Stolen Generations. Join us in commemorating this important day and supporting truth, justice and healing for the Stolen Generations...
Not everyone one feels the same way about February 14 and for some people it can evoke a range of emotions. Our Seeking and Keeping Your Next Relationship course gives you the opportunity to examine the challenges and opportunities...
Valentine’s Day brings relationships into focus and it can be a timely trigger to examine or improve your own. While it is a great opportunity to do something special for your partner, it’s also important to remember and celebrate...
Forced Adoption Support Service
After the recent South West fires we have witnessed a community and people suffer many losses. It’s important to remember to provide emotional support to those in need while they cope with feelings of grief and loss...

couple on beach
Murdoch University are running a survey on couples and relationship satisfaction to learn about how people in committed relationships interact. Interested? You can take part here... More
Relationships Australia WA
Thanks to the introduction of a new phone system at our offices many of our locations now have new phone numbers. But don't worry, we have plans in place to ensure we don't miss any calls. Find our new numbers here...