Information about recording a session

Information about observing or recording a counselling session for supervision purposes

Your cooperation in permitting the observation or video/audio recording of your counselling session is appreciated.

To protect the interests of clients, the following policies have been adopted:

(i)         a counselling session observed or recorded requires the client’s written consent

(ii)        video/audio recording is available only to the counsellor who conducted the session, or to a person working with the counsellor or acting in a supervisory capacity to that counsellor

(iii)       the counselling session may be observed only by a person working with the counsellor or the counsellor’s supervisor

(iv)       the video/audio recording content is either:

  • transferred to a restricted access folder in our computer database immediately following the session and deleted from the recording device at this point; or
  • if the recording remains on the recording device, the device is kept locked in the counsellor/supervisor’s cabinet. As soon as the supervisory purpose is completed, the recording is deleted.

Please ask your practitioner when you meet with them if you are unclear with anything.