Group Facilitation Skills

Group Facilitation Skills

Course Summary

This course develops the skills, knowledge and attitudes necessary for effectively facilitating psycho-education groups in the broad field of family, relationship and personal development education.  The course focuses on the development of facilitation skills which are transferable into many fields.

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  • $770 per person
  • Concession fees available

This course does not equip participants to deliver to therapeutic groups, however many aspects of the learning is relevant and helps participants to deliver group work in the therapeutic arena, as well as in the community education, vocational and industry training sectors.

The types of groups that students will be trained to facilitate could include, but are not limited to, communication skills, self-worth, anger management and conflict resolution courses; parenting programs; personal and relationship enrichment courses; health related education sessions and working with a range of participants including young people and culturally and linguistically diverse communities.

Course content:

  • planning, structuring, writing and delivering a facilitation session(s)
  • group development, process and dynamics: forming a group – ending a group
  • learning principles and learning styles;  development of learning resources; delivery methods
  • self disclosure; questioning techniques and handling feedback;
  • setting and maintaining boundaries
  • key differences between working with individuals and couples 
  • dealing with difficult behaviours, balancing individual v group needs:  co-facilitation skills
  • self-care and safety issues
  • course evaluation

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