Kids and Today's Technology

This seminar is for parents of kids between ages 2 and 18 years.  Technology is now being used by very young children and most teenagers are proficient users of many aspects of technology.  Your knowledge of what's out there, how it's being used and how you manage it in your home will have a direct impact on your kids' learning and safety.

Highlights of this one night seminar will include:

  • Family conversation starters around technology
  • Managing screen time
  • Cyber Bullying, predatory behaviours and safety
  • Social Media - how it works and control measures available
  • How to maximise many good aspects of technology
  • Staying safe in the online world 
  • How to keep yourself up to date with technology

Fee: $30 per person
Concession Fee: Concession rates available

Thurs 9 NovemberWest Leederville Details Enquiry
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