Prepare - Enrich

Prepare - Enrich

Prepare - Enrich

Course Summary

Prepare-Enrich is a customised couple assessment completed online and is a program designed to focus on important relationship issues by assisting couples in all stages of their relationship, whether in a committed relationship or planning one.

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Based on a couple’s responses, a trained facilitator provides a number of feedback sessions in which the facilitator helps the couple discuss and understand the outcomes of the questionnaire. 

The major goals of the program are to assist couples cement and improve their relationship.

Areas covered include: 

  • communication and conflict resolution skills 
  • partner style and habits 
  • family, friends and leisure activities 
  • assertiveness and self confidence 
  • financial management 
  • affection, intimacy and sexuality 

The program is divided into an initial 1 hour session followed by 3 hours of feedback over 2 or 3 sessions. Follow up sessions are charged on a sliding scale based on a couple's income.

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