Mentoring Adolescents

Mentoring Adolescents

Course Summary

Adolescence can be a difficult path for many young people as they attempt to find their own identity in an ever changing and challenging world. Teachers of high-school students and others who work with teenagers can play an important part in assisting them through this tumultuous period. As a teacher, mentor or leader you can facilitate significant positive change in the lives of young people by supporting them to develop a healthy self esteem.

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  • $120 per person
  • Concession fees available

This course will cover:

  • how to assess what's going on for the adolescent while establishing an alliance with them
  • how we can roll with the student’s 'resistance' to engaging with us
  • ways of working with adolescents who are depressed, angry, disengaged or emotional

Highlights will include:

  • understanding what happens in the adolescent and adult brain that makes changing some of our patterns difficult (but not impossible)
  • ways that people enter change via the ‘Change Triangle’
  • how to identify 10 Unhelpful Thinking Styles that appear in the language of young people and how to respond supportively
  • gaining a deeper understanding of anger and 4 strategies (including 3 that are ‘hidden’) for mismanaging anger that keep young people stuck in feelings of low self worth
  • learning some fun psychological strategies that help us defuse from the unhelpful ‘stories’ that our minds create that cause us stress and unhappiness
  • active listening skills and empathic responding. Experience why these often neglected aspects of communication are vital to connecting with an adolescent

To assist people during challenging times we have produced a tip-sheet taken from this course. Click here to download.

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